Beyond tv guide not updating

A couple of months ago I switched to Media Portal, and boy what a difference. Yes even Media Portal is better then that crap that Micro Soft has since recently packed in. Its still Billions of light years from Linux VDR in my honest opinion. My primary application of course was, and more or less continues to be for live TV, and I find a simple SAT2IPTV converter an Android / Google TV Box is more then enough to get the job done. First it has like ZERO SUPPORT for any European TV Standardards *cough* DVB-C (Cable TV).

It's probably going to be the final nail in the coffin for me the only thing really keeping me using media centre was the TV guide.This is a commercial subscription service provided by This is also usable for TV listings in Central and South America, and a selection of European and Caribbean countries.All Guide data is pulled through a 3rd party service which needs to be addressed with them.Antal I just wanted to update everyone in this thread.