Backup exec 11d updating catalog

Backup Exec as a classic backup tool was ok, it could backup physical servers, AD, Exchange, Oracle database, SQL… It also had a great feature – ability to set the backup to run on the last day of the month. Because in 2014 there are still products that lack that feature.Oh, and once you configured tape library, backup to tape worked quite well.It also happened that one patch failed to install, when that happened, Live Update failed to update Backup Exec with remaining patches. If you had a problem and called in, you had to wait for a long time for a lady to tell you that technician will call you back. Backup Exec was not an option as it had horrible support for VMware backup.When that didn’t happen you called Symantec support again, you had to wait, again, polite guy would answer, get the same information from you and again promise you that technician will get in touch. We compared several solutions and said hey let’s do some testing and compare products available.Thank whatever god you believe in that backup tapes are on their fucking way out. I started the upgrade for a client of mine from 2010 to 2012. Scoured the internet, for the error message: The Backup Exec Server Service did not start. The “Solution” is to remove the software again, reboot, then manually hack out ALL references to Symantec and Backup Exec from the registry. Why can’t you make a software that just fucking installs or upgrades?You would think that a multi-billion dollar company like symantec would understand the importance of making one revision of software easily upgraded to the next. Backup Exec 2010 had an addon option called “Desktop Laptop Option” hence forth called DLO. How is someone who runs a small business supposed to handle things like this, if everyone thinks you buy a disk, put it in, and hit go.Green has written for various websites and is certified in computer forensics and network administration.She has a bachelor's degree in business and a master's degree in information technology.

It is the last fucking backup software I would ever recommend these days, and it’s still the fucking industry standard. Ok, I’m not getting into how stupid that is, that’s a post for a different day. For the amount of money my client is spending on me to do this upgrade, on an installation that was running find I might add, they could have bought a whole redundant NAS device and backed up across the network with Robocopy, for Christ’s sake.

Unfortunately, you may meet up some Symantec Backup Exec issues during its using.

So, how to completely uninstall, say, Symantec Backup Exec?

With intuitive wizards, insightful dashboards and fast backup and recovery, Backup Exec enables you to improve your backup performance, meet recovery objectives, reduce management costs, secure confidential data and eliminate traditional backup complexity. In addition to the new features/functionality in Backup Exec 15, Veritas added support for the following platforms: Veritas’ capacity based offerings provide you with an easier way to manage Backup Exec.

The Capacity Edition Lite offering is a more affordable solution for small to medium sized businesses that want to start out small, and need a “pay-as-you-grow” model.