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But the letter — which Ocwen said should be returned “as quickly as possible”— was dated Aug.

Word Press, as one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world, offers the ability for users to change the date on their posts, both before and after they have been published. You can set a post to appear in the future, scheduling your content drops. What about changing the date on a current post to make it look older? How can it be used, legitimately and illegitimately, and what is Google’s opinion on the practice?

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According to Consumer Opinion, which filed the lawsuit, the reputation management scam allegedly used a four-stage process to convince Google that links to negative business reviews should be deleted from its index.

Of course, these days a site migration generally includes post dates, unless you’re doing a drastic move from one blogging platform to another and your only backup doesn’t work with the new software.

It’s very rare that you have to manually repost any content, unless you’re performing the migration incorrectly in some way. One of the factors for SEO, in every realm, is age.

You have to manually upload your posts again, and the problem is, every post is now dated with the time you uploaded the replacement post.

This is a legitimate instance where you may want to use post backdating.