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State Pension (Contributory) is a social insurance based payment made to people at age 66. A person can receive payment of State Pension (Contributory) and continue to work or have other income such as an occupational pension.

State Pension (Contributory) was known as Old Age Contributory Pension up to 28 September 2006.

“He sent this beautiful cursive handwritten letter joking how he doesn’t have Microsoft Word available in prison,” Soltes said during a recent interview with Fraud Magazine.

As global head of sales, Richards helped backdate contracts that clients signed after the quarters officially ended, Soltes says.

While Windows 8 and 8.1 ship with Refresh PC feature, a handy feature to quickly reset Windows settings to their defaults, the downside of the feature is that it removes all desktop programs and you need to reinstall all desktop applications all over again after performing Refresh PC operation.

If you would like to repair your Windows 8.1 installation without losing files, Windows settings, and installed apps, you can follow the given below workaround to repair the installation by keeping files, Windows settings, and installed apps.

Certain conditions apply as follows: Credited contributions are awarded in certain circumstances by the Department, generally in respect of periods of unemployment or incapacity for work due to illness.

Eugene Soltes was flipping through television channels late one night in 2008 when he came across the MSNBC reality show/documentary program, “Lockup,” which featured interviews with felons in prisons across the U. The inmates described their lives and circumstances — such as financial troubles, drug addiction and gang affiliation — that led to their brutal and violent crimes.

Soltes, a university business school professor, began to think about a different type of criminal — the white-collar variety — none of whom lived the harsh lives of the incarcerated who were profiled on “Lockup.” Many of these fraudsters lived extraordinarily comfortable lives, but their crimes adversely affected themselves, their families, employees, investors and companies. Driven by curiosity, Soltes began to write to several former executives who were serving sentences for fraud.

When you repair Windows 8.1 installation by following the given below instructions, you’ll be able to retain all files, installed apps, and settings.

For instance, all files and shortcuts on the desktop and all files in your Documents and pictures will be retained during the repair operation.