Accommodating culture cultural diversity online teaching

It accommodates the dynamic mix of race, ethnicity, class, gender, region, religion, and family that contributes to every student's cultural identity.

The foundation for this approach lies in theories of intrinsic motivation.

Before we outline our framework for culturally responsive teaching, we will address the bond of motivation and culture, and analyze some of the social and institutional resistance to teaching based on principles of intrinsic motivation.

Understanding these relationships provides a clearer view of the challenges we must overcome if we are to genuinely transform teaching and successfully engage all students.

, is key in building diverse communities that are powerful enough to achieve significant goals.

Whether you want to make sure your children get a good education, bring quality health care into your communities, or promote economic development, there is a good chance you will need to work with people from several different racial, language, ethnic, or economic groups.

It can also include groups we join or become part of. If you haven't had a chance to understand how your culture has affected you first hand, it's more difficult to understand how it could affect anyone else or why it might be important to them.

For example, we can acquire a new culture by moving to a new region, by a change in our economic status, or by becoming disabled. It may seem odd that in order to learn about people in other cultures, we start by becoming more aware of our own culture. If you are comfortable talking about your own culture, then you will become better at listening to others talk about theirs.

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Addressing challenges with a sense of humor helps place the challenges in perspective.They will have to support each other to stay with an effort, even when it feels discouraging.People will have to resist the efforts of those who use divide-and-conquer techniques--pitting one cultural group against another.These may include technology, space, laboratory supplies, models, simulations, specimens, library materials, support for writing/math/technology skills, and many others.Know the budget available to support your teaching, and how to order needed materials.