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We wanted to honor the Supreme Court’s momentous decision by profiling three couples and asking them what that historic moment back in June meant to them, both as individuals and as partners.

When we return in March for our annual Music Film issue, TRIBEZA will look a little different.

Allow me to preface this with the fact that I am apolitical.

In this case, Grover sets herself up as the non-judgmental observer of a client who, she gradually begins to discover, is not messy out of laziness but an illness from which he is recovering.

Recognizing the important role of volunteerism in nation-building, the Philippine Government has designated the month of December as the National Volunteer Month (NVM).

NVM aims to build nationwide public awareness and appreciation of volunteerism, create the environment for voluntary action and recognize volunteers as partners in development.

When we began conceptualizing this year’s Love Issue, it was with an understanding that love stories come in many forms.

While you will still find our trademark “Real Weddings” feature (page 50), we also had some fun celebrating the universal things that everyone loves about our city in “I Love You So Much” (page 64).