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The R43 road which passes Avian Park in Worcester was closed yesterday afternoon following a gang shootout between two gang groupings from Avian Park. At the same time, three houses have been set alight amid gang warfare in Worcester, luckily no-one was wounded .The police's Julian Plaatjies said: “The houses are either property of some of the gang members or the gang members themselves.

Polyamorous people are not less jealous, more compassionate or better at communicating than monogamists.” – More Than Two I’ve spent the last few weeks reading More Than Two by Eve Rickert and Franklin Veaux, and then making less than helpful cryptic comments about the book. The authors take the time to explain the whys and wherefores of polyamory very well. Polyamory tends to value honesty, and I’m pleased to say that like any really great polyamory book, the authors don’t spare themselves.You can not move a locked piece to swap it with another piece.“Polyamory is not the next wave in human evolution. At the end of each chapter are several questions to ask yourself and think about. Sure, sure, you can read the book and get a great deal out of it without these questions, but if you really want to examine yourself, your relationships and truly understand what you’re about and what you want in relationships, this is an amazing guide to do so.Nor is it used for Earth Humans who must register with the immigration service.In general, Aliens fall into two distinct groups, REALLY ALIENS and ALIENS WITH FOREHEAD RIDGES.1) Really Aliens are truly unearthly. The occasional intelligent bear or radish may also appear, or practically anything else.